57-ÅrsRacet 2022

The 57-Year race will be 12-14 of august, ofcourse it al pending of the covid 19 situation, so help us and yourself and take the vaccin

Information 56-Årsracet 2021-06-06

Covid 19 has still an big impact on our society, but it will be a 56-Årsrace, this year 13-15 of august, however without any spectators.

Due to that covid 19 is still around us, even if many of us has got the vaccin we still carefully has to follow our goverments restriction and rules to minimize the continuation och Covid 19.

Our federation SVEMO has given us guideline how to perform safe races with that in mind. This 56 Årsrace will be very different, but it will be possible for us to meet(2m disstance) and race our bikes, but ofcourse we will miss the spectators.

So this year we only can say: Very Velcome only to drivers and our officials.


Press release 55-Årsracet 2020-06-05

The spread of Covid-19 has had major consequences for the whole of society and we unfortunately have to announce today that we are being forced to cancel the Annual Race 2020.

Sweden, like most other countries, is in a serious and vulnerable situation, and no one can say today when the situation is easing.

This became even more evident at the Public Health Agency's press conference, where it is certainly open up to elite sports without an audience, but the travel restrictions and restrictions on public events (including a maximum of 50 people) remain in place until further notice.

In the current situation and with the Public Health Agency's restrictions as above, The Board of Directors and the MCHK-R Board of Directors decided to cancel this year's competition.

In recent months, we have explored all possible possibilities, including moving to later dates of the year, but unfortunately see no other way out than to cancel.

We have two main factors that are crucial:

  • No or limited access to medical care during the competition and the risk of further burdening an already heavily burdened health care in the community.
  • No authorization for public events by authorities and federations, restrictions on travel domestic, international and social contacts at such a large event.

We are continuing to develop Årsracet for 2021, so keep an eye out for news and information on our website and our social channels.

Hoping for a nice summer and seeing again August 6-8 2021.

Niklas Wahlström, Chairman Linköping Motorsällskap
Björn Nordensten, Chairman MCHK-R

55-Årsracet – 7-9 august 2020

Årsracet is an event and competition with classic race motorcycles. The organizers are Linköping Motorsällskap and MCHK-Racing. The event and the stadium Linköpings Motorstadion are very special, as there are competitions and shows in four different disciplines. Over the last five years, the number of participating riders have been in excess of 700 men and women. They come from the Nordic countries, the rest of Europe and also from other continents. The branches are Roadracing, Motocross, Speedway and Trial.

The event offers abundance in nostalgia, rocky competitions and engine culture. As a visitor, you are welcome to the depots, where you can talk to the drivers and see race motorcycles from the beginning of the last century to hightec highlights in the road racing SuperMonoklass.

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